Designed In NYC

Freeminded was born in the epicenter of fashion, New York City. A cultural crossroads that inspired both the elegance and the utility of our products. We've spent over four years tirelessly perfecting our collection of luxury cannabis accessories with the finest materials. Our products are painstakingly constructed, tested, and refined to give you, our customers, a rarified experience. We are artisans, engineers and dreamers. We are Freeminded.


Considered Craftsmanship

Freeminded exists at the intersection of high fashion and heightened experiences. With bold colors and rich materials, every one of our distinctive luxury cannabis products has been carefully crafted down to the last stitch, to be a statement of self-expression and a stroke of elegant utility. Sophisticated design. Simple use. Durable workmanship. All uniquely combined and considered. All for you.


The Owl

Nothing is better suited to represent Freeminded than our owl. Wise, intuitive, observant, and graceful, the owl has long been revered among cultures as a conduit between worlds, and an omen of prophecy and positivity. We can only hope that it imparts the same sense of elegance and mindfulness to see you through your own adventures and our luxury weed accessories.

The Meticulous Craftsmanship

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