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The Diplomatic Pouch Cannabis Carrying Case

The Diplomatic Pouch Cannabis Carrying Case

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Material and Color

Between neighbors or nations, there is nothing so fundamental as diplomacy. An open exchange of ideas to arrive at an understanding. Our Diplomatic Pouch Cannabis carrying case offers the perfect opportunity to quickly retrieve your cannabis accessories and set the table for sharing perspectives and predilections. And, if you’re in need of a conversation starter, perhaps some reflection on the impeccable craftsmanship of the cannabis storage box to which your companion has already surely taken notice.

  • Of Note

    • Designed in NYC 
    • Luxury French calfskin exterior 
    • Magnetic wallet - To keep the things you need together 
    • Magnetic Joint tube holder 
    • The Voyager Cannabis Joint tube (98mm x 12mm) 
    • Magnetic storage compartment box to hold rolling papers and Cannabis 
    • Magnetic folding rolling tray Station with rolling tray walls 
    • Collapsible funnel 
    • A complimentary pack of Freeminded rolling papers
    • Rolling paper storage 
    • Rolling paper filter storage 
    • Grinding card holder 
    • Grinding card with interchangeable, magnetic tools 
    • Tray with heat and chemical corrosion resistant Carnelian lining 
    • Cannabis storage box with heat and chemical corrosion resistant Carnelian lining 
    • Two lined pockets for small, personal items, Credit Cards and Cash $
    • Dimensions Length 5-3/4" x Width 4" x Height 2-1/2"
    • Comes in custom Freeminded box made from recycled FSC packaging

    Available Skins and Colors

    • Calfskin Black Swan
    • Calfskin Heron
    • Calfskin Gold Finch 

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