How to Travel with Cannabis in Style: In-State, Out of State, and Abroad

How to Travel with Cannabis in Style: In-State, Out of State, and Abroad

Travel and cannabis are about to become more entwined than ever before. Here's how to travel with cannabis discreetly, safely, and legally.

In the past year and a half, cannabis legalization expanded dramatically across the United States. One thing is clear: the industry is booming, and it includes jet-setters who are eager to get back to their travel plans.

 According to the New York Times, cannabis-related tourism is expected to rise in the coming years as more and more states legalize the plant. From cultivation tours, cannabis-themed spas, and newly legalized cannabis lounges in states like Nevada, travel and cannabis are about to become more entwined than ever before.

For now, while interstate and international travel with cannabis is not legal, there are still plenty of ways to travel with your favorite plant discreetly, safely, and legally.

How to Drive with Cannabis

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a beach day, there is plenty to do right in your local area. Larger states like California have plenty of in-state activities and travel opportunities for you to enjoy and reach via car.

Here’s what you need to know about in-state driving with cannabis:


DON’T smoke in your car.

The law is clear about one thing: smoking and driving is not legal. Avoid smoking in your motor vehicle or while operating it, as well as anywhere in public where smoking tobacco is also not allowed.

DON’T leave product open or within reach of the driver’s seat.

Worst case scenario: you get caught with cannabis in your car. If you can’t reach it from the driver’s seat, you have a better chance of proving that you weren’t smoking and driving.

 We recommend storing your cannabis in a discreet storage box or accessory and in your glove compartment. If you have just purchased some new flower, pre-rolls, or edibles, it is safer to leave it in the bag and in your trunk.

DO try to keep it to under an ounce.

The difference between a DUI or intent to distribute charge and a simple possession charge will be the amount you carry. Possession can quickly turn into distribution if the amount of cannabis you are carrying exceeds a reasonable quantity for personal use.

In most states, the current possession limit is one ounce, where not more than five grams can be in the form of concentrate. Anything above this limit is considered to be possession with intent to distribute which is a punishable offense.

DO use travel specific cannabis accessories like Freeminded.

Discreet cannabis accessories are a great way to protect yourself in the worst case scenario. Luxury travel products like Freeminded allow you to indulge in adventure without worry.

Our collection is handcrafted with the best materials known to man and are specifically designed to mask the smell and appearance of your favorite products so you can travel in style with your cannabis.


These do’s and don’ts are standard guidelines to follow, but education is equally important. Be sure to check your local state laws about driving with cannabis to stay aware of your rights, such as valid probable cause for vehicle searches, arrests, and more.

Interstate Travel or Travel Abroad

Traveling across state or international borders with cannabis is not legal. While Freeminded does not encourage you to break the law, the fact remains that people have been doing this for years.

In fact, the TSA is not on the lookout for your cannabis. Instead, they are searching for liquids, weapons, bombs, and anything else that could potentially put passengers in danger. The Transportation Security Association claims “TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but if any illegal substance is discovered during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.”

(Note: If the TSA does flag your belongings and finds you’re flying with cannabis, the protocol is that they call the local police, not the feds.)

So you know the do’s and don’ts of traveling with cannabis. But what about the how?

Traveling with Freeminded’s Luxury Cannabis Accessories

Traveling using luxury cannabis accessories like ours makes your stash a lot more portable. No matter what mode of travel you choose to take, discreet products make it easier to take what you want where you want it – and do so in style.

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The Apothecarist

This cannabis organizer box is a well-crafted, luxury carry-all – and an elegant work of art. Designed in the fashion capital of NYC, the Apothecarist comes as a cherrywood tobacco storage box, wrapped and lined in stain and chemical-resistant Carnelian Turkish lambskin.


The Diplomatic Pouch

This joint carrying case is available in a range of exclusive colors and materials, including American Alligator and Leather Calfskin. Our Diplomatic Pouch offers the perfect opportunity to quickly retrieve your cannabis accessories and set the table for your shared adventures.


The Traveler

With a French calfskin exterior, a sturdy, lightweight aluminum outer shell to hold shape and preserve leather, and handcrafted dividers to organize and hold your favorite pens, joints, or even flower, this cannabis travel case is a must-have for the luxury traveler.


The Voyager

This joint storage tube comes in a single and twin edition to give you the luxury of choice when you are on the way to your next destination. Handcrafted by the world’s best artisans, the Voyager comes in a wide range of colors and materials, including American Alligator, Leather Calfskin, Stingray Skin, and Lizard Skin.

Ready for your next adventure with Freeminded? Shop our products to travel carefree and in style.

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