2024 Holiday Gift Guide for Luxury Smoking Accessories

2024 Holiday Gift Guide for Luxury Smoking Accessories

With the kind of year that we’ve had, giving gifts is more important than ever. From network connections to loved ones and everyone in between, the gift of giving is one of the few things that managed to stay put amidst a global pandemic. 

Whether it was care packages, cars, jewelry, or weekend getaways, there was no shortage of giving this year. 

At Freeminded, we value the treasure of an unforgettable experience, but we know a sophisticated accessory never goes unnoticed. That’s why we’re walking you through our entire exclusive product line of luxury cannabis accessories, so you can select a gift worth giving this upcoming holiday season.

1. Voyager Joint Storage Tube

For the people in your life that always want one on the go, Freeminded’s Voyager joint storage tube is the perfect accessory. Luxurious and durable, our Voyager joint holder tube has been beautifully designed and expertly crafted by artisans in a stainless steel tube to contain and minimize odor. Available in leather calfskin, stingray skin, lizard skin,& American Alligator the Voyager is the perfect companion for any cannabis lover who’s on the move.

2. Voyager Twin Joint Storage Tubes

What good is a moment if it can’t be shared? Freeminded’s Voyager Twin joint storage tubes are for those big-hearted friends who always have company around. With the Twin model, you can store two joints in style. Handcrafted in a variety of colors and materials, the Voyager Twin is an unforgettable luxury gift – that comes in two. Available in 12mm x 98mm and 14mm x 110mm.

3. The Traveler Vape Travel Case

Take your best memories with you on your adventures with Freeminded’s Traveler Vape case. Perfect for the travel buddy who is always lighting up, the Traveler is designed in NYC and expertly crafted in Florence, Italy. With a French calfskin exterior and a chemical resistant Carnelian lambskin interior, this cannabis travel case will carry everything you need to take your next adventure on the fly. 

4. The Apothecarist Cannabis Organizer Box

When your heart’s desires are endless, the Apothecarist cannabis organizer box lends you the joy of freedom. This cannabis storage box is made of sturdy all Natural organic cherrywood with dividers to organize and hold popular pen devices, pre-rolls and joint tubes, rolling papers, and more. For the cannabis connoisseur that lets the heart take lead, Freeminded’s Apothecarist is the key to luxury – for the options can indeed be endless. 

5. The Diplomatic Pouch Joint Carrying Case

By far, the most savvy of them all – the Diplomatic Pouch joint carrying case is for those that are the center of attention. This leather calfskin wallet keeps everything you may need at once together in one place. 

Freeminded’s Diplomatic Pouch brings everything – and everyone – together with magnetic strips for:

  • joint tube holders
  • storage compartments to hold rolling papers, filers, and cannabis products 
  • a foldable rolling tray station with walls & a tractable funnel 
  • grinding card holders for a grinder with interchangeable, magnetic tools

The Diplomatic Pouch also includes two lined pockets for small, personal items, credit cards, and cash. And for the cannabis lover that must have this work of art, it comes with a complimentary pack of Freeminded rolling paper. 

6. The Diplomatic Pouch Joint Carrying Case in American Alligator

For the showstoppers and the go-getters, the Diplomatic Pouch in American Alligator is available for custom order in American Alligator. With all the same features as its leather counterpart, the Diplomatic Pouch in Alligator turns heads in its luxury blue Macaw and Brown Candor colorways. 

At the hands of the finest artisans in the world, this cannabis carrying case takes over 40Hrs for a craftsman to create one, but speaks to its luxury with every stitch. This gift is one worth giving – and one worth indulging in for yourself. 

As the end of year approaches, start checking people off your list and shop Freeminded’s collection of cannabis accoutrements. 

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